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  1. The cause was cardiopulmonary arrest, said Vernel Bagneris, a colleague and friend.
  2. Doctors listed the cause of death as respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest.
  3. The cause of death was listed as cardiopulmonary arrest, his wife said.
  4. She went into cardiopulmonary arrest and died hours after the procedure.
  5. Emilly was unconscious without pulsation or respiration : she went into cardiopulmonary arrest.
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  7. The official cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest, though he also had metastatic cancer.
  8. The cause was cardiopulmonary arrest, the Associated Press reported a hospital spokeswoman as saying.
  9. "Within minutes, nausea, vomiting, respiratory distress and cardiopulmonary arrest occurred, " the summary said.
  10. O'Connor died of cardiopulmonary arrest, said his spokesman, Joseph Zwilling.
  11. He had a cardiopulmonary arrest, and he died in the doctor's office shortly afterwards.
  12. He died on January 2, 1991 in Brooklyn, New York of cardiopulmonary arrest from cancer.
  13. Manuel Collantes died of cardiopulmonary arrest on May 28, 2009, at the age of 91.
  14. Death can occur from pneumonia, acute respiratory failure, or sudden cardiopulmonary arrest in such patients.
  15. The cause was cardiopulmonary arrest, his family said.
  16. A heavy drinker, he died of cardiopulmonary arrest.
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