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  1. Cold cardioplegia is given into the heart through the aortic root.
  2. When introduced into the coronary sinus, it is called retrograde cardioplegia.
  3. This is further augmented by the cardioplegia component which is high in potassium.
  4. Rottlerin also enhances the cardioplegia-induced phosphorylation of Akt on the activation residue Thr308.
  5. The heart is arrested through cardioplegia, and the form of the aortic valve is carefully analyzed.
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  7. As the cardioplegia solution distributes to the entire myocardium, the ECG will change and eventually asystole will ensue.
  8. Cardioplegia in diastole ensures that the heart does not use up the valuable energy stores ( adenosine triphosphate ).
  9. The activation of BKCa + + channels by rottlerin relaxes coronary smooth muscle and improves myocardial perfusion after cardioplegia.
  10. Cardioplegia lowers the metabolic rate of the heart muscle, thereby preventing cell death during the ischemic period of time.
  11. It is unclear what the specific role of Akt may play in modulating of myocardial function after rottlerin treatment of cardioplegia.
  12. This pump flows at 2-3L per minute to support circulation and eliminates the need for cardioplegia to arrest the heart.
  13. OPCAB voids the use of Cardiopulmonary Bypass ( CPB ), which requires the heart to be stopped ( arrested ) with cardioplegia solution.
  14. When solution is introduced into the aortic root ( with an aortic cross-clamp on the distal aorta to limit systemic circulation ), this is called antegrade cardioplegia.
  15. Living a very busy life occupied with the duties of housekeeping, childcare and writing, Wakamatsu's health deteriorated from tuberculosis that in February 1896 ( Meiji 29 ), she passed away due to cardioplegia, five days after the Meiji Girls'School was lost in fire.

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