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  1. On May 27, 2013, Hideki Yoshimura suddenly died of acute cardiac failure.
  2. A caspase 8 knock-out leads to cardiac failure and thus embryonic lethality.
  3. Therapeutic uses of cardiac glycosides primarily involve the treatment of cardiac failure.
  4. Two women in their fifties are recovering from another exacerbation of cardiac failure.
  5. It is prescribed for congestive chronic cardiac failure class II, III and IV.
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  7. Indirect fatalities were usually caused by cardiac failure or heat exhaustion.
  8. Mortality is extremely rare and usually due to hepatic, respiratory, or cardiac failure.
  9. Death can result from high-output cardiac failure as a result of arteriovenous shunting.
  10. The cause was cardiac failure after abdominal surgery, said Dan Gerrity, his companion.
  11. Kolisko died of cardiac failure outside London on 29 November 1939.
  12. The caffeine spray would presumably cause the frogs to go into cardiac failure.
  13. On 27 September 2008, Kapoor died following a cardiac failure.
  14. It is presumed the pure caffeine causes the frogs to go into cardiac failure.
  15. Helmick died of cardiac failure at Iowa Methodist Medical Center, spokeswoman Angie Fagervik-Chia said.
  16. The causes listed on her death certificate were influenza, acute pneumonia, and cardiac failure.
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