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  1. They were carbureted and later were offered with mechanical fuel injection.
  2. In a carbureted engine, it is found in the carburetor.
  3. The carbureted Turbo-Fire 283 cu in V8 could have either.
  4. In 1983 the carbureted engine was replaced with throttle body fuel injection.
  5. This is normally seen in carbureted engines with many miles on them.
  6. It's difficult to find carbureted in a sentence.
  7. Carburetor heat is applied to carbureted engines to prevent and clear icing.
  8. The 2E engines appeared in both carbureted and fuel-injected versions.
  9. The Renix computer was first used on 1986 carbureted models.
  10. This would be the last carbureted V8 in the Mustang.
  11. At this time, the gas provided was primarily carbureted water gas.
  12. The displacement of the carbureted engines may be increased up to 1600cc.
  13. With one exception, all engines in the EX line are carbureted.
  14. The most basic carbureted engines, such as venturi.
  15. The configuration is also perfect for carbureted non-intercooled turbo-charging.
  16. The 2011 Sprint Cup season was the last complete Cup season with carbureted engines.
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