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  1. The subsequent investigation blamed ice buildup in the carburator air intakes.
  2. Carburator is the only imported component in the 2009 prototype.
  3. Optional engines included the-2V ( standard on GTs ), the new for 1969-2V Holley four-barrel carburator.
  4. Confronted with the need to meet 1992 EU emission control requirements, Lada tried to continue to use a carburator with an exhaust catalyst instead of electronic fuel injection.
  5. "' Medal of Honor Firecracker 400 "'- NASCAR mandated restrictor plates for all tracks beginning at Daytona after nearly two seasons running carburator sleeves.
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  7. This top spec DOHC VTEC model was complemented by more docile models that used dual-carburator or PGM-Fi versions of the versatile ZC engine but in the more compact SOHC configuration.
  8. Vehicles with a manual transmission and the CVCC carburator earned based on Japanese Government emissions tests using 10 different modes of scenario standards, and, and with consistently maintained speeds at 60 km / h.
  9. If gas prices go any higher you may find yourself surrounded by econo-minded Motosk8ters, in which case consider springing for the hop-up kit ( bigger carburator, exhaust and more ) to maintain your advantage with a 35-mph top end.
  10. As noted above, California's stricter emissions requirements ruled out the sale of 360 V8-equipped vehicles, and no exception was made for law enforcement agencies, which were forced to use the inadequate 318 V8, even though it was equipped with a 4-barrel carburator.
  11. In 1991 the original tank was 12 liters, which became 13 in 1994 and 14 in 1995; the original carburator was a Dell'Orto VHSB 39, which was upgraded to a Dell'Orto VHSD 41 in 1996 and to a Dell'Orto VHSG 42 in 2006.
  12. -- Minor controversy : What Hill refers to as a " storm in a carburator "-- Fox's decision in last Sunday's Bud Shootout to reveal the names of some car sponsors during pre-race intros but leave out others who didn't buy advertising time on the broadcast-- has been resolved.
  13. To get fresh air into the bong and harvest the last remaining smoke, a hole known as the " carburator ", " carb ", " choke ", " bink ", " rush " " shotty " " kick hole " or simply " hole ", somewhere on the lower part of the bong above water level, is first kept covered during the smoking process, then opened to allow the smoke to be drawn into the respiratory system.

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