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  1. The JX comes with the GA14 carburated engine.
  2. Single Carburated, dual or single port.
  3. The carburated versions gave way to fuel injection in 1992, while the sports version was retired in 1996.
  4. In the Philippines there are projects to convert carburated two-stroke engines to direct-injected via Envirofit technology.
  5. The city-street oriented TU250 Volty featured a 17-horsepower 249cc 2-valve single-cylinder carburated engine.
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  7. This has a single carburated version of the 1294 cc engine with, making it considerably less powerful than its French contemporaries.
  8. These were followed by 23 " P-26C " s, with carburated R-1340-33s and modified fuel systems.
  9. The original home market version originally offered a carburated JIS at 5500 rpm, later power output fluctuated around 52-55 PS.
  10. This engine was an Autodelta hand made conversion based on Alfa Sei 2.5 carburated engines enlarged to 93x72mm bore / stroke.
  11. There is no carburated version of the engine, which would have been designated O-720 and therefore the base model is the IO-720.
  12. The 2-liter M was still on offer along with a turbocharged version the M-TEU . The carburated 5M engine was also available in certain markets.
  13. In the domestic Japanese market, the car was originally carburated ( 80 PS JIS at 5500 rpm, at 3500 rpm ) and went on sale in June 1984.
  14. Its engine was the 1, 490 cc carburated boxer, revised to put out at 6, 000 rpm; front brake discs were vented and the gearing shorter.
  15. It was available as a normally aspirated carburated version or with Honda's own PGM-FI fuel injection as one of a very few turbocharged engines built by Honda.
  16. It produces at 5100 rpm and at 3200 rpm with 9.5 : 1 compression in the carburated model, at 5700 rpm and at 3300 rpm in the fuel injected model.
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