carbunup river in a sentence

  1. The mouth of the Carbunup River is approximately west of Busselton where the river flows into Geographe Bay.
  2. The "'Carbunup River "'is located in the south-west corner of Western Australia.
  3. The Carbunup River is in length and flows north from its headwaters in the Treeton State Forest / Whicher Range in the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River.
  4. The nearest water courses are Mary Brook to the West and Buayanyup River to the east; both of these rivers travel in a parallel direction to the Carbunup River.
  5. The Carbunup River is located in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste area where it crosses two physiographic regions, the 15 km wide Swan Coastal Plain and the gently undulating Blackwood Plateau.
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  7. The townsite was declared in 1926 as "'Carbunup "'but the name was changed in 1958 to Carbunup River to prevent confusion with the town of Carbarup which is a town located near Mount Barker.
  8. The town is named after the Carbunup River, the word Carbunup is Aboriginal in origin and is thought to mean " place of the cormorants " or " place of a kindly stram " or " place of the Stinkwood " thicket ".

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