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  1. All of the episodes were animated at Carbunkle Cartoons, in association with Big Star Productions.
  2. Sara and Julian now know the terrible truth about what Mr Carbunkle's plan is.
  3. As soon as Carbunkle is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, everything is back to normal.
  4. It turns out that Carbunkle is in fact making these robots to try and take over the world.
  5. Kricfalusi shut down his studio in Canada shortly thereafter following a lawsuit filed by Carbunkle against Sp黰c?in the Canadian court system.
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  7. Count Dregon was furious to see the Stewarts on a televised game show called " Know Your Neighbor " against the Carbunkle family.
  8. On July 18, 2005, Kricfalusi shut down Sp黰c?shortly thereafter, following a lawsuit by Carbunkle filed against Sp黰c?in the Canadian court system.
  9. After the " hiatus " of Carbunkle Cartoons, the second season was produced by Film Roman and thus had different writers and directors ( PAT VENTURA chief amongst them ).
  10. But, after a while, Sara and everyone else in Greendale discovers that Pat has been replaced by a robot, and find out Edwin Carbunkle's true intent.
  11. They manage to switch off the Patbots and stop Mr . Carbunkle's evil schemes, revealing that they all forgive Pat for turning a blind eye when the Patbot was first put into action.
  12. Now fully aware of Mr Carbunkle's plan, Sara decides it's time to stick up for Pat and she takes everyone else in Greendale to see the You're The One finals.
  13. Meanwhile, Ben Taylor ( voiced by TJ Ramini ), the manager at the SDS, is fired by Carbunkle and is convinced that Pat doesn't want him anymore, not realising that Pat is a robot.
  14. Kricfalusi had previously relied upon Carbunkle during the Nickelodeon years, and he subcontracted animation of many original series episodes ( including " Space Madness ", " Black Hole " and " The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen " ) to that studio.
  15. The Chief Executive Officer of the SDS, Mr . Brown ( voiced by Jim Broadbent ), and Edwin Carbunkle had been watching the contest on TV . They say that they would like to use Pat in a publicity campaign including his own television series.
  16. Carbunkle also confirms that because Pat will be away participating in the contest, a robot replica of him called the " Patbot 3000 " will be taking over his postal duties, along with another robot replica of Jess called the " Jessbot " as well.
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