carbuncle awards in a sentence

  1. Perth station was nominated the Carbuncle award in 2015 which recognizes the worst planning decision.
  2. In 2007 Coatbridge was awarded " Prospect " architecture magazine's carbuncle award for being the'most dismal town in Scotland '.
  3. In December 2011 Linwood received the annual Plook on the Plinth award for'Scotland's most dismal town', part of the Urban Realm magazine's Carbuncle Awards.
  4. Glenrothes gained national publicity in 2009 by winning a Carbuncle Award following an unofficial contest operated by Urban Realm and Carnyx Group which was set up to criticise the quality of built environments in Scotland.
  5. The award was inspired by the Carbuncle Awards, which the Scottish architecture magazine " Urban Realm ", formerly " Prospect ", had been presenting to buildings and areas in Scotland since 2000.
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  7. The Carbuncle Awards inspired the "'Carbuncle Cup "', another architecture prize launched in 2006 and given annually by " Building Design " magazine to " the ugliest building in the United Kingdom completed in the last 12 months . " The latter has gone on to achieve somewhat greater prominence in the media.

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