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  1. In the parking lot sit weathered pickups and rusting old cars.
  2. When you buy a car, you get a service guarantee.
  3. And you went to a transplant dealer and they had cars.
  4. The boys in the car dealership snickered at us for weeks.
  5. The ride is smooth for a car that handles this crisply.
  6. It's difficult to find car in a sentence.
  7. U . S .-Japanese talks on cars and car parts
  8. U . S .-Japanese talks on cars and car parts
  9. Cake sales, car washes, cookie jars full of pennies.
  10. "A remote control car, " he said.
  11. Have a water fight while washing your car with a friend.
  12. At the second and third checkpoints, their car is stopped.
  13. Car owner's are amazed when pilots report these figures.
  14. Bucket seats and compact cars drove romantics out, as well.
  15. The cars are scheduled to go on sale Sept . 29.
  16. But after 10 hours in the car, impulses are weak.
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