car adapter in a sentence

  1. The peripheral also includes a car adapter for gaming on the go.
  2. It also comes with a 12-volt car adapter for road trips.
  3. A similar concept exists in the form of decorations that are powered by car adapter plugs.
  4. The packs, which retail for about $ 20, eliminate the need for a charger or car adapter.
  5. The two ports on the bottom are used for a wall charger / car adapter and a variety of extensions including a USB cable.
  6. It's difficult to find car adapter in a sentence.
  7. The player has a 7-inch screen, surround-sound effects from two built-in speakers and an optional car adapter for road trips . ( Hey!
  8. You could then charge your phone from that using a car adapter / charger suitable for your phone ? talk ) 13 : 57, 6 June 2011 ( UTC)
  9. Its battery provides more than three hours of playback time, but you can also use an AC adapter or optional car adapter ( for the passenger, of course ).
  10. And if you're tired of drinking warm, flat Coke on those long road trips, you can use a 12-volt car adapter to keep it cool.
  11. About the size of a stack of credit cards, the BA350 can hold 128 megabytes of music, with more room in its expansion slot, and it costs just under $ 200, which includes headphones and a car adapter.
  12. It has a less endearing feature : Although it is compatible with third-or fourth-generation iPods only, an iPod that has been locked into its dock can be recharged only with a car adapter designed for earlier iPods.
  13. :All cell phones charge on DC . The wall adapters convert AC to DC; the car adapters convert DC to a lower voltage DC ( the car voltage is ~ 28VDC, while most phones charge at less than 5VDC ).
  14. Official accessories for the console include an AC adapter, car adapter, headset, headphones with remote control, extended-life 2200 mAh battery, battery charger, carrying case, accessories pouch and cleaning cloth, and system pouch and wrist strap.
  15. Other add-ons from Nokia this year include a car adapter kit that can be used with both wireless Bluetooth technology and with a wire connection, photo-blogger software that would let bloggers put pictures on their Web sites instantly from camera phones.

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