car accidents in a sentence

  1. The leader, Jerome Brown, died in a car accident.
  2. It's like if you were in a car accident.
  3. It wasn't any kind of kidnapping or car accident.
  4. Her daughters were told she had died in a car accident.
  5. I would feel the same if it was a car accident.
  6. It's difficult to find car accidents in a sentence.
  7. Forty Alameda County youths died in car accidents during the period.
  8. Rather, a young friend had been in a car accident.
  9. A car accident in 1983 left Kowalski with severe brain injuries.
  10. David Amparan, 20, was crippled in a car accident.
  11. Fifteen years ago, a friend suffered a terrible car accident.
  12. Afterward, Draper looked like the victim of a car accident.
  13. He suffered minor injuries earlier this month in a car accident.
  14. But in 1991, he was paralyzed in a car accident.
  15. I recovered not too long ago from a bad car accident.
  16. "It's like looking at a car accident.
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