car accident in a sentence

"car accident" in Chinese  
  1. Chaana also is suffering from spinal injuries suffered in two car accidents.
  2. Then Gwinn was killed in a car accident and everything fell apart.
  3. A car accident left the woman in a coma 10 years ago.
  4. Track officials said an car accident near Avondale caused the power outage.
  5. At least 10 people were injured in car accidents on icy roads.
  6. It's difficult to find car accident in a sentence.
  7. This fear of flying probably started after my second car accident.
  8. Most of them were victims of land mines or car accidents.
  9. Lopes, who died last week in a car accident in Honduras.
  10. Dubcek died in 1992 after suffering injuries in a car accident.
  11. A third was killed in a car accident before the war.
  12. Their father had died in a car accident a year earlier.
  13. Both novels pivot around a horrifying car accident involving two boys.
  14. Car accidents and land mines have caused most of the casualties.
  15. He suffered minor injuries earlier this month in a car accident.
  16. Dubcek died in 1992 after sustaining injuries in a car accident.
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