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  1. Sheikh Mansour and Qatar Holding agreed to open up ?00 million of their new holdings of reserve capital instruments for clawback.
  2. Elektrim can " can go to the capital markets to replace this debt with some capital instruments, maybe next year, " he said.
  3. However, the bank had requested a Tier 2 subordinate capital instrument " Fresh 2008 " excluded from such bail-in, as many investors were retail investors.
  4. The government proposed to invest 2.5 billion rupees in shares by 31 March and another 5.50 billion in the next fiscal year in Tier-I capital instruments.
  5. Tier 2 capital represents " supplementary capital " such as undisclosed reserves, revaluation reserves, general loan-loss reserves, hybrid ( debt / equity ) capital instruments, and subordinated debt.
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  7. He worked with political scientist Patricia Hetter Kelso to further explain how capital instruments provide an increasing percentage of the wealth and why capital is narrowly owned in the modern industrial economy.
  8. In December 2016, BMPS successfully made debt-to-equity swap for part of their subordinated debt and Tier 1 capital instrument, for a maximum price of ?24.9 per new shares ( on top of ?5 billion new shares issue ).
  9. "We know through conversations with brokers and agents that we are starting to receive more foreign orders, " said Francisco Susmel, vice chairman of the Argentine stock market, " and in absolute terms the number of foreign investors investing in capital instruments has not changed since the Mexican crisis.

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