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  1. The insecurity of land tenure further discouraged the use of capital inputs.
  2. By reducing the amount of fixed capital inputs, the production function will shift down.
  3. SAAB also provided subsidies for buying other capital inputs.
  4. Xiaomi opted to sell the smartphone online in order to comply with their minimal capital input.
  5. Modern research shows the main factor for economic growth is the growth of labor and capital inputs, not increases in productivity.
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  7. As for the capital input in particular this means that it is measured by capital services, not by the capital stock.
  8. Sugar companies plan to invest dlrs 11 million in equipment upgrades, plus dlrs 4 million in capital input, over the next year.
  9. Recent trials have shown that because of the high capital inputs required and low fibre yields, cashmere production in pastoral areas is not viable.
  10. The new bank would serve mainly Taiwan investors, whose capital input in the mainland is reported to be more than dlrs 20 billion, the report said.
  11. Its researchers have measured the level of capital productivity _ the value of output produced by a dollar's worth of capital input _ in all three countries.
  12. Regarding differences in output per capita Jorgenson and Vu conclude :'differences in per capita output levels are primarily explained by differences in per capital input, rather than variations in productivity .'
  13. Ideally, the data required for TFP studies is labour input as measured by work hours ( which is unavailable in Malaysia ) and capital input as measured by the physical capital stock.
  14. The marginal product of labor is the slope of the total product curve, which is the production function plotted against labor usage for a fixed level of usage of the capital input.
  15. With the restrictive financial policies announced by the Bank of Thailand, financial institutions in Thailand will go ahead with their huge recapitalisation plans using the new capital input to strengthen their loan-loss provisions.
  16. Over the long-term, this trend increases the organic composition of capital, meaning that less workers are required in proportion to capital inputs, increasing unemployment ( the " reserve army of labour " ).
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