capital injection in a sentence

"capital injection" in Chinese  
  1. Management stated that the capital injection shall have no'dilutive'impact to existing shareholders.
  2. He said such a sale would be coupled with a capital injection.
  3. And only if the situation worsens that a capital injection is needed.
  4. Brisa received a direct capital injection of PTE 17.7 billion in 1990.
  5. However, trading restrictions were later lifted off SimeSecurities after a capital injection.
  6. It's difficult to find capital injection in a sentence.
  7. Sime Bank needs a fresh capital injection of RM1 . 2 billion.
  8. Only a capital injection from a foreign strategic partner would save BOA.
  9. The only thing needed is a new capital injection, " he said.
  10. Toyota's capital injection will make Teleway a subsidiary of Japan's biggest automaker.
  11. The first is capital injection and the second expertise, " the analyst added.
  12. Capital injection will allow these firms to continue business and prosper.
  13. Therefore the issue of capital injections is something to consider, " he said.
  14. Cempaka ` may not need new capital injection', NEW STRAITS TIMES-
  15. Riverso also was hoping for a capital injection from private investors.
  16. Similarly Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Bhd also need a capital injection of RM750 million.
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