capital infusion in a sentence

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  1. "We needed a capital infusion or a big brother, " said Hannah.
  2. Thursday's IPO brought the company a capital infusion of $ 132 million.
  3. The government considers fresh capital infusion and expansion activities as new investments.
  4. The capital infusion will dilute the stake of Honda's Thai partners.
  5. Commerzbank spokesman Dennis Phillips said, referring to a capital infusion at the time.
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  7. Even with the capital infusion, the difficulties in their core businesses remain problematic.
  8. That was one of the conditions the Commission set for approving the capital infusion.
  9. Ms . Krutick said that even with a capital infusion, Marvel still faced problems.
  10. This capital infusion allows Prudential Securities to enter 1995 positioned to regain overall profitability,
  11. By Kiwi's own reckoning, a fresh capital infusion is critical.
  12. A search for an airline partner and capital infusion has yet to bear fruit.
  13. He said he was turning profits with just 80 employees before the venture capital infusion.
  14. Prudential provided a $ 900 million capital infusion, but then canceled thousands of Florida policies.
  15. With the capital infusion from incorporation, the Allaire Iron Works remained productive through the 1840s.
  16. Mullick, for one, does not even like the idea of capital infusions from corporate investors.
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