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  1. Once confidence returns, capital inflow will lead to lower domestic interest rates.
  2. This will greatly facilitate our negotiation and insure the new capital inflows,
  3. Sustaining such gigantic capital inflows, some experts claim, isn't a realistic possibility.
  4. It is understandable that high interest rates will induce international capital inflows.
  5. Most capital inflows will be official, either from multilateral or bilateral loans.
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  7. The latter, it said, should lead to a resumption of capital inflow.
  8. The report said that implementing capital account convertibility would increase capital inflows.
  9. Large short-term capital inflows resulting in current account deficits and speculative investments.
  10. Eventually, if capital inflow continues to grow, sterilization will become too costly.
  11. Since capital inflow is associated with high-income states ( e . g.
  12. Capital inflows to emerging markets will continue to slow, he said.
  13. This change in tax rates is a clear incentive for additional capital inflows,
  14. Rearranging this equation we find that Imports-Exports = Capital Inflow-Capital Outflow.
  15. We only want to slow the growth of short-term capital inflows.
  16. Meanwhile, measures by India and Malaysia to restrict capital inflows curbed lending there.
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