capital increase in a sentence

"capital increase" in Chinese  
  1. The company's board approved the capital increase at an extraordinary meeting yesterday.
  2. Bitterli said no capital increase was planned to pay for the acquisition.
  3. It is expected to seek a capital increase at a later date.
  4. The Paris-based company could also proceed with a capital increase next year.
  5. But it has not clearly indicated what the capital increase is for.
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  7. After the capital increase we will own 11 percent of the capital.
  8. The total value of the proposed capital increase is 2.28 trillion lire.
  9. With the government opposed to a capital increase, expansion will be difficult.
  10. The capital increase agreed today is subject to ratification by Iberia's unions.
  11. It was decided a capital increase to ten million in April 1913.
  12. The capital increase will be used to strengthen the company's operating capital.
  13. The capital increase was approved by Dorint's shareholders on August 16.
  14. Further strengthened by the successful capital increase, we can exploit additional earnings opportunities.
  15. That stake will be reduced to 60 percent through an Agie capital increase.
  16. Time Warner bought the stake through a capital increase by CanalSatellite.
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