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  1. That agreement was scuppered when Siam City failed to execute a broader capital increase plan.
  2. Many banks have already announced capital increase plans and nearly all include participation by foreign institutions.
  3. Many banks have already announced capital increase plans, and nearly all include participation by foreign institutions.
  4. Dealers said investors were panicky after Thai Farmers Bank announced its capital increase plan Thursday afternoon.
  5. Along with the smaller banks, three of the country's top five banks have already announced capital increase plans.
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  7. "The capital increase plan obviously put some pressure on the share price, " said Hasenboehler at Zuercher Kantonalbank.
  8. Roth said Zurich Insurance will give more details on the capital increase plan at its press conference May 21.
  9. Chanin said strategic partners, such as foreign energy companies, would be the stake buyers if the capital increase plan is applied to the project company level.
  10. Banks will formally commit to capital increase plans to attain these standards by signing memorandums of understanding with the Bank of Thailand by Aug 15, 1998.
  11. The Bt500-million capital increase plan is expected to lead into a change in the shareholding structure of NFC since major shareholders are expected to increase their stake in the firm, against minority shareholders.
  12. As for the capital increase plan, Ban Pu has assigned a foreign adviser to study the best alternatives and the results should be known within the next two to three months, Chanin said.
  13. Industry Minister Somsak Thepsuthin said on Thursday that PTT should look into other alternatives apart from its capital increase plan because it is preparing to privatise and meet the government's austerity policy for state enterprises.
  14. Another stock analyst commented the companies'assets might find few buyers as according to the government's promise to the International Monetary Fund, finance companies need to submit capital increase plans by July and raise capital by October.
  15. "Bangkok Bank may be able to provide full reserves once its capital increase plan is complete, and that would help offset the cost of funds and will further bring down its interest rates, " an analyst with Cathay Capital told the Agence France-Presse-affiliated financial news service AFX-Asia.

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