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  1. He took over the Pacific Horizon Capital Income Fund in 1994.
  2. The per capital income for the village was $ 20, 493.
  3. "Our per-capital income is 20 percent below the European average, " he said.
  4. Caraga has the second lowest per capital income among Mindanao regions and nationwide.
  5. With those goals in mind, he began the Capital Income Builder fund in 1987.
  6. It's difficult to find capital income in a sentence.
  7. Losses that occurred before 2009 can be charged up to 2013 with capital income.
  8. The state has the highest per capital income in Brazil, almost $ 6, 000.
  9. _Attaining equality with men has little to do with national or per capital income.
  10. Capital income and expenditure is dependent on charitable donations.
  11. The state has the highest per capital income in Brazil, at almost $ 6, 000.
  12. Per capital income is near dlrs 400 a year.
  13. Annual per capital income is about US $ 290.
  14. The thrust must be to further reduce or, preferably, eliminate all taxes on capital income.
  15. Piketty and Saez argue that the shift came about because of progressive taxation on capital income.
  16. Spokane belies the fast-paced returns he's managed for investors in his Pacific Horizon Capital Income Fund.
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