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  1. The oil crisis of 1973 74 made the government even more aware of Malaysia's dependence on foreign oil and foreign capital in general.
  2. Of all sources provided, Taipei was stated as either the Provisional Capital or just Capital in general but not specifically if it's the official capital or not.
  3. In " Imperialism : the Highest Stage of Capitalism ", Lenin wrote; " the twentieth century marks the turning point from the old capitalism to the new, from the domination of capital in general to the domination of finance capital ".
  4. In addition to guarding the capital in general, ISAF forces will help a new, specially trained Afghan National Guard unit to protect the city next week during the loya jirga, the grand council meeting to pick a transitional government for Afghanistan.
  5. He asserts only that " capital in general " as an abstract social power, or as a property claim to surplus value, is indifferent to particular use-values-what matters in this financial relation is only whether more value can be appropriated through the exchanges that occur.
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