capital idea in a sentence

"capital idea" in Chinese  
  1. Mitchell thought it was a " capital idea " and hired him.
  2. Today's lead-off hitter is a guy with what seems a capital idea.
  3. The group's Capital Idea program offered math and reading classes, child care, housing help.
  4. Washington : " Communicating Capital Ideas, " the Friedman, Billings, Ramsey annual investor conference.
  5. Steven Jackobs directs Capital IDEA, a local group that provides training to low-income people.
  6. It's difficult to find capital idea in a sentence.
  7. Worthy foes huddle on off day, agree that stopping O'Neal sounds like a capital idea.
  8. Worthy foes huddle on day off, conclude that stopping O'Neal sounds like a capital idea.
  9. Despite its affiliation with Austin Interfaith, religion isn't part of the program at Capital Idea.
  10. TOKYO _ CAPTIAL ( FEATURE ) one take _ Move viewed as a capital idea
  11. He published " Capital Ideas : the Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street " in 1992.
  12. She is starting a two-year program at Capital IDEA and hopes to work with computers eventually.
  13. Huang explained, with translation help from Sister Ane Nguyen of Capital IDEA, a non-profit worker-training group.
  14. The proper response is a big, wide grin : Capital idea, old chap; why not, indeed?
  15. Mendoza picked up a flier from Capital IDEA that promised counseling, tuition and car fare to classes.
  16. I think it's a capital idea.
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