canon of the apostles in a sentence

  1. On the other hand, the Latin Church, throughout the Middle Ages, recognized only fifty canons of the Apostles.
  2. Dionysius Exiguus, a Western canonist of the first half of the sixth century, noted that " many accept with difficulty the so-called canons of the Apostles ".
  3. Other civil codes used since ancient times include various texts used in religious laws, such as the Law of Manu in Hindu law, the Mishnah in Jewish Halakha law, the Canons of the Apostles in Christian Canon law, and the Qur'an and Sunnah in Islamic Sharia law to some extent.
  4. The ancient Canons of the Apostles, which became part of Canon Law in the eastern and western churches, likewise allows church leaders and laity to abstain from wine for mortification of the flesh but requires that they not " abominate " or detest it, which attitude " blasphemously abuses " the good creation.
  5. Tattam in 1848 published the " The Apostolical Constitutions, or Canons of the Apostles ", which includes the so-called " Alexandrine Sinodos " ( or " Clementine Heptateuch " ) made of the Apostolic Church-Ordinance, the Egyptian Church Order and a free version of the eight book of the Apostolic Constitutions.
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