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  1. The view that the Bible should be accepted as canon of scripture ).
  2. The modern canon of scripture does not record Mary's birth.
  3. The book is still revered by Strangites today, remaining a vital part of their canon of scripture.
  4. Only the reverence of the archangels mentioned in the recognized Catholic canon of scriptures, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, remained licit.
  5. The Song was accepted into the Jewish canon of scripture in the 2nd century CE, after a period of controversy in the 1st century.
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  7. Rather, an open and ongoing dialogue between God and the modern-day Prophet and Apostles of the LDS faith constitute an open canon of scripture.
  8. Similarly, the dogma of papal infallibility is not a natural outgrowth of the nonpapal processes that established the creeds and the canon of Scripture.
  9. This would create a total of 66 units, which Conner claims is a picture of the Protestant canon of scripture ( containing 66 books ).
  10. Despite being packaged with the LDS publication of the Bible, the " Bible Dictionary " is not part of the LDS Church's open canon of scripture.
  11. The presence of Epistle of Clement, which was once read in Churches recalls to a period when the canon of Scripture was in some particulars not quite settled.
  12. His personal problems were contrasted with his religious accomplishments, which included restoring canon of Scripture ( based upon the Decretum Gelasianum, which some consider a sixth-century work ).
  13. Cornelius a Lapide wrote commentaries on all the books of the Canon of Scripture ( including the Deuterocanon ), with the exception only of the Book of Job and the Psalms.
  14. For Tertullian-at least at the time of writing-the Church alone bore the apostolic rule of faith, revered the canon of Scriptures, and bore through its ecclesiastical hierarchy the sanction of apostolic succession.
  15. Both the Community of Christ and LDS Church accept the Book of Mormon as a second canon of scripture and views it as an additional witness of Jesus Christ that complements the Bible.
  16. Marcion, an orthodox Bishop later excommunicated for heresy, formed an early canon of Scripture c . 140 around the Gospel of Luke and ten of the canonical Pauline epistles, excluding 1 2 Timothy and Titus.
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