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  1. In 1908, the American Bar Association ( " ABA " ) established its first ethics code, known as the Canons of Professional Ethics, which condemned all advertisement and solicitation by lawyers.
  2. According to the Code's Preface, it was derived from the ABA's Canons of Professional Ethics ( 1908 ), which in turn were borrowed from the Canons of the Alabama State Bar ( 1887 ), which in turn were inspired by several sources such as ethics resolutions in an 1830s legal textbook.
  3. In December 1949, after winning them a new trial, he and the other attorneys were banned from participation in their re-trial because, the trial judge explained, " your conduct throughout has been consistently in violation of one or more of some seven canons of professional ethics . " Rogge said the judge's action " extends the reign of terror imposed on lawyers who defend the unorthodox and the weak ."
  4. Due to the progression of the legal profession and the desire to update the Canons of Professional Ethics, the ABA created the Model Code of Professional Responsibility ( " Model Code " ) in 1969 . The Model Code was an effort by the ABA to create practical rules that went " beyond the pretty details of form and manners " and addressed " the chained relationship of the lawyer to his clients, to his professional brethren and to the public ."
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