canon of medicine in a sentence

  1. "The Canon of Medicine " remained a medical authority for centuries.
  2. In 1973, Avicenna's " Canon Of Medicine " was reprinted in New York.
  3. Avicenna s " Canon of Medicine " was used for centuries in both East and West.
  4. He is particularly known for his commentary on " The Canon of Medicine " by Avicenna.
  5. Ibn Sina's canon of medicine was a standard text for medical students well into the 17th century.
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  7. His medical textbook " The Canon of Medicine " was used as the standard text in European universities for centuries.
  8. Avicenna's " Canon of Medicine " was a standard medical text in many European universities for 500 years.
  9. Works such as Avicenna's " The Canon of Medicine " were translated into Latin and disseminated throughout Europe.
  10. The result was the current revolution in health care, in which the laws of economics finally held sway over the canons of medicine.
  11. During the 15th and 16th centuries alone, " The Canon of Medicine " was published more than thirty-five times.
  12. Later on these men were settled between the Sung capital of Kaifeng and Ibn Sina's " The Canon of Medicine ".
  13. In 2009 Bootsma's discovery of the relation between chronic myelogenous leukemia and the Philadelphia chromosome was incorporated in the Dutch canon of medicine.
  14. His work, " The Canon of Medicine ", became the standard of medical thinking in Europe alongside those of Hippocrates and Galen.
  15. In particular he read the commentary of Fakhr al-Din Razi on the Canon of Medicine and Qutb al-Din raised many issues of his own.
  16. He compiled a million-word medical encyclopedia, the Canons of Medicine, that was used as a textbook in parts of the West until the 17th century.
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