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  1. The canine fossa gives origin to the levator anguli oris.
  2. In the musculoskeletal incisive fossa is a depression called the "'canine fossa " '.
  3. To the side of the incisor fossa is the larger and deeper canine fossa and these are separated by a vertical ridge, the canine eminence.
  4. Homo antecessor had a bulky lower jaw, primitive teeth, and a ridged brow _ all typical of Neanderthals _ and human-like cheekbones and depressions on either side of the nose, known as canine fossa, also typical of modern man.
  5. It is larger and deeper than the comparable incisive fossa, and is separated from it by a vertical ridge, the canine eminence, corresponding to the socket of the canine tooth; the canine fossa gives origin to the levator anguli oris.
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