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  1. Experimental data indicate that ribavirin may have useful activity against Canine distemper.
  2. Now, one of the Russian tigers has died from canine distemper.
  3. Hexane extracts of " Plumbago zeylanica " have shown activity against canine distemper virus.
  4. The exceptions include canine distemper, hookworms and lice and ticks.
  5. Canine distemper occurs in raccoon dogs inhabiting the northern Caucasus.
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  7. River otters may be victims of canine distemper, rabies, respiratory tract disease, and urinary infection.
  8. The irresponsibility of pet owners is another factor that contributes to ongoing outbreaks of canine distemper.
  9. Satomi's Pack were all infected with a virus, a variant of Canine distemper designed for werewolves.
  10. The rinderpest virus ( RPV ) was closely related to the measles and canine distemper viruses.
  11. However, the paramyxovirus family _ which includes measles, mumps and canine distemper _ remains the leading suspect.
  12. Tops on their RNA list are myxoviruses, including influenza, and morbilliviruses, including the species-jumping canine distemper virus.
  13. The organism has been identified as a morbillivirus, the viral family that includes canine distemper and human measles.
  14. The breed was nearly extinct around World War II when canine distemper struck V鎟鴜 and the surrounding islands.
  15. Canine distemper virus from domesticated dogs apparently killed a significant fraction of seal populations in Antarctica and Siberia.
  16. The morbilliform group includes, in addition to the measles virus, the canine distemper, seal plague, and rinderpest viruses.
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