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  1. Hexane extracts of " Plumbago zeylanica " have shown activity against canine distemper virus.
  2. The rinderpest virus ( RPV ) was closely related to the measles and canine distemper viruses.
  3. Tops on their RNA list are myxoviruses, including influenza, and morbilliviruses, including the species-jumping canine distemper virus.
  4. Canine distemper virus tends to orient its infection towards the epithelial, and central nervous systems, and optic nerves.
  5. Bears in North America are sometimes infected by a " Morbillivirus " similar to the canine distemper virus.
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  7. Canine distemper virus identified as an endangered subspecies with a wild population below 500 animals . " mBio"
  8. Canine distemper virus from domesticated dogs apparently killed a significant fraction of seal populations in Antarctica and Siberia.
  9. Sequences from the examination showed that canine distemper virus, which is part of the genus " Morbillivirus ", was the primary cause of death.
  10. This suggests persistence of canine distemper virus in the Caspian seal population over a span of several years or repeated spillover from the same terrestrial reservoir.
  11. For example, the California Channel Island Fox ( " canine distemper virus, the foxes were susceptible to this virus, and due to their genetic similarity many were killed.
  12. The sequences were also identical to that of canine distemper virus found in the brain tissue of a seal that died in 1997 and showed no morbillivirus lesions.
  13. Following a recent outbreak of canine distemper virus, a PVA was performed for the critically endangered island fox ( " Urocyon littoralis " ) of Santa Catalina Island, California.
  14. The close similarities between measles virus, canine distemper virus and rinderpest virus have given rise to speculation that measles was first transmitted to humans from domesticated dogs or cattle.
  15. They are fatally susceptible to canine distemper virus, A short-term vaccine for canine distemper is available for captive black-footed ferrets, but no protection is available for young born in the wild.
  16. This was later identified as a strain of the closely related canine distemper virus ( CDV ) and was probably transmitted to the seals from terrestrial animals, CDV being widespread in canines in the Lake Baikal region.
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