cane shoot in a sentence

  1. Sugarcane is a labor intensive plant : Planting cane shoots is stoop labor; cutting fields of cane stalks into three-foot sections for grinding is methodical, monotonous, grueling labor, a job of last resort.
  2. A barrage of questions and dialogue ends with Corva asking, " Did you see Larry Cane shoot anyone ? " and Brandt responding, " No . " To which Corva responds, " Larry Cane was dead, Mr . Brandt ."
  3. Different types of vegetables, fruits, foods or utensils with auspicious and good symbolic meanings; for instance pineapples, pomelos, bananas, oranges, sugar cane shoots, coconuts, beer, clay pots or even crabs can be used to be the " greens " ( R?) to be " plucked " to give different difficulty and challenge for the lion dance performers.
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