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  1. Camptodactyly can be caused by a genetic disorder.
  2. A linkage scan proposed that the chromosomal locus of camptodactyly was 3q11.2-q13.12.
  3. "' Camptodactyly "'is a medical condition that causes one or more fingers to be permanently bent.
  4. Depletion of lubricin function has also been associated with camptodactyly-arthropathy-coxa vara-pericarditis syndrome ( recessive disorder.
  5. This condition was first described in 1986 . and is a syndrome of camptodactyly, arthropathy, coxa vara and pericarditis.
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  7. The locus for autosomal recessive camptodactyly-arthropathy-coxa vara-pericarditis syndrome maps to chromosome 1q25-q31 where the PRG4 gene is located.
  8. In most of its cases, camptodactyly occurs sporadically, but it has been found in several studies that it is inherited as an autosomal dominant condition.
  9. He is credited with coining the word " camptodactyly " to describe a flexion deformity of the finger ( s ) at the proximal interphalangeal joint ( 1906 ).
  10. Other features may include loose skin, thin deep-set nails, thin hair, short ribs, limited elbow and knee extension, camptodactyly, and a coarse, low-pitched voice.
  11. Gordon syndrome is characterized by the permanent fixation of several fingers in a flexed position ( camptodactyly ), abnormal bending inward of the foot ( clubfoot or talipes ), and, less frequently, incomplete closure of the roof of the mouth ( cleft palate ).

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