camps in a sentence

"camps" meaning  "camps" in Chinese  
  1. "We're looking forward to camp ."
  2. But in the Roundabout production, it verges dangerously on camp.
  3. At quarterback camp Monday, Carver tipped the scales at 249.
  4. But the camp has become important to him for another reason.
  5. That's good news considering training camp begins on Sunday.
  6. It's difficult to find camps in a sentence.
  7. Celli was at the camp's dock when we arrived.
  8. It is impossible to find enough camps for one million people,
  9. And at the refugee camp, a similar sentiment was echoed.
  10. I'm here at the Dolphins'camp in Davie.
  11. The troupe also has performed at local malls and summer camps.
  12. He sat out training camp last year without offering an explanation.
  13. Of the 80 Falcons in training camp, 45 are new.
  14. We can send soldiers to the camps and call them back.
  15. Throughout July, there was considerable movement at the Susica camp.
  16. "We said : ` Go to camp this year.
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