caloris montes in a sentence

  1. These knobs are about northeast of Caloris Montes and may represent Caloris Basin ejecta.
  2. The Caloris Montes are similar to the so-called Imbrium sculpture on the Moon.
  3. The lineated facies extends from the Caloris Montes as much as about 1, 000 km.
  4. The Caloris Montes are only the innermost formation of the Caloris Group of formations produced by the Caloris Basin impact.
  5. The Nervo Formation consists of rolling to locally hummocky plains that lie in intermassif depressions between the mountains formed by the Caloris Montes Formation.
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  7. The Caloris Montes Formation is very similar in morphology to and is considered the equivalent of the massif facies of the Montes Rook Formation around the Orientale Basin.
  8. The Caloris Montes is interpreted as basin rim deposits consisting of ejecta from deep within Caloris that is mixed with but generally overlies uplifted and highly fractured prebasin bedrock.
  9. The plains generally lie within the annulus of rugged terrain marked by the Caloris Montes Formation and locally appear to drape and overlie some of the more low-lying massifs.
  10. It is noteworthy that this lineated terrain occurs near the foot of the Caloris Montes, whereas similar units of the Imbrium Basin on the Moon occur farther from the basin rim.
  11. The Caloris Montes Formation, which was informally called the Caloris mountains terrain by Trask and Guest, consists of a jumbled array of smooth-appearing but highly segmented mountain massifs that rise 1-2 km above the surrounding terrain.
  12. A gap is present in the Caloris Montes toward the southeast; its origin is unknown, but it is somewhat similar to the gap on the east side of the Imbrium Basin, where the mountain ring cuts the edge of the Serenitatis Basin.

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