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  1. The Caloris Basin is especially significant from a stratigraphic standpoint.
  2. Mozart crater is located just south of the Caloris basin.
  3. Both structures are considerably younger than the Caloris Basin.
  4. Goethe Basin is considerably older than the Caloris Basin.
  5. It is also much older than the Caloris Basin.
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  7. These knobs are about northeast of Caloris Montes and may represent Caloris Basin ejecta.
  8. Rock units associated with the Caloris Basin are particularly important for the stratigraphy of Mercury.
  9. Mercury in a region roughly antipodal to the 1550-km-wide Caloris Basin.
  10. A stratigraphic and structural comparison between the Orientale and Caloris Basins has been made by McCauley.
  11. The Caloris Montes are only the innermost formation of the Caloris Group of formations produced by the Caloris Basin impact.
  12. The density of superposed craters suggests an age older than the Caloris Basin, either late c1 or early c2.
  13. McCauley and others have proposed a formal rock stratigraphy for the Caloris Basin that we have adopted on the present map.
  14. In some places the hills are aligned concentrically with the rim to the Caloris Basin, and the plains appear corrugated.
  15. It consists of long, hilly ridges and grooves that are subradial to the Caloris Basin and are extensively embayed by smooth plains.
  16. Craters with similar dark material on or near their rims were seen on the floor of the Caloris basin during MESSENGER s first flyby.
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