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  1. "' Adair Crawford "'calorimetric methods for measuring the specific heat capacity of substances and the heat of chemical reactions.
  2. For studies of hydration at very high relative humidities, a special modification of the method of sorption calorimetry  the desorption calorimetric method  was developed.
  3. Other methods have been used historically, such as volumetric and calorimetric methods, as I'm sure the authors know . ( 5 ) More history of the concept would be good . ( 6 ) I appreciate the need for summary style to keep Featured Articles short, but the applications section seems rushed and random . ( 7 ) At the risk of adding yet another random example, chelation changes due to titrations might fit there nicely, with picturesque applications ranging from soils and plants ( why do blueberries grow in acidic soil ? ) to modern biochemistry ( elution of His tags from Ni columns, metal-ion binding in proteins and nucleic acids ).
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