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  1. Cesium-iodide calorimeters measure the radiation's energy levels.
  2. This change in energy can be estimated from the bomb calorimeter.
  3. The higher heating value is experimentally determined in a bomb calorimeter.
  4. Calorimeters are dense and stop most particles, measuring their energy.
  5. For CMS, his group has constructed the HCAL hadron calorimeter.
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  7. The calorimeter captured the resolution of the gamma rays that entered EGRET.
  8. The energy of produced hadrons are determined with hadronic calorimeters.
  9. In CDF, his group has the CDF plug upgrade hadron calorimeter.
  10. This included new types of calorimeter and photometer detectors.
  11. Particle Identification in a calorimeter is a destructive measurement.
  12. Photons, electrons and positrons deposit all their energy in an electromagnetic calorimeter.
  13. Tracking calorimeters are only useful for high energy ( GeV range ) neutrinos.
  14. However, research improved with the addition of the cone calorimeter in 1982.
  15. An example detector that uses a shashlik electromagnetic calorimeter is the LHCb detector.
  16. CRESST-II uses CaWO 4 crystal scintillating calorimeters.
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