call sheet in a sentence

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  1. The offices also consisted of call sheets that were used by volunteers.
  2. The author of the Democratic call sheet, Erica Payne, declined to comment.
  3. David Strauss just gave us 20 call sheets for the DNC Media Fund,
  4. "I'm on the call sheet, so I get a hot meal and everything,"
  5. DNC FINANCE CALL SHEET FOR : Vice President Gore . ..
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  7. To be sure, Gore may never have seen some of the call sheets.
  8. You get the call sheet-- here we have to do this scene today.
  9. Before Sunday, only 14 call sheets prepared for Clinton had been made public.
  10. The chess scenes were complicated because the call sheet contained actual chess moves.
  11. Barry Sonnenfeld couldn't believe the movie call sheet on the wall.
  12. There aren't a lot of calls like that on the call sheet on second-and-20.
  13. Many of the call sheets remind Clinton of the wealth of the potential donors.
  14. Rajiv Kanakala also got some break and now his call sheets are considerably expensive.
  15. Call sheets may also provide logistical information regarding the location.
  16. Ramachandran gave a call sheet of seventy two days for participating in the film.
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