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  1. A call setup procedure may fail due to a number of technical reasons.
  2. What really separated AMPS from older systems is the " back end " call setup functionality.
  3. However, the disadvantage is longer call setup delay.
  4. Another protocol used by videophones is H . 324, which mixes call setup and video compression.
  5. SIP by itself does not define these features; rather, its focus is call setup and signaling.
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  7. In telecommunications a call attempt invokes a call setup procedure, which, if successful, results in a connected call.
  8. Call setup times of 300ms and concurrent group calls of up to 160 calls per cell are claimed.
  9. Network routing in a cellular network deals with the challenges of traditional telephony such as switching and call setup.
  10. Visto . com emphasizes workgroup collaboration features, such as file sharing, conference call setup, calendar sharing and so on.
  11. PVCs are permanently established in the network and therefore do not require the use of addresses for call setup.
  12. The operators of telecommunication networks aim at increasing the call setup success rate as much as practical and affordable.
  13. The return stack is separate from the data value stack, to improve the flow of call setup and returns.
  14. The maximum data rate of each " non-scheduled " flow is configured at call setup, and typically not changed frequently.
  15. Some operators also charge a separate fee for call setup i . e . for the establishment of a call.
  16. The call setup success rate in conventional ( so-called land-line ) networks is extremely high and is significantly above 99.9 %.
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