call settings in a sentence

"call settings" in Chinese  
  1. It can be found under the " Call settings " labelled as " Auto answer"
  2. Informally, technicians often call setting jumpers " strapping ".
  3. The Carver's strength is not acrobatics but what boarders call setting on edge, or taking curves and angles.
  4. Since I moved to New York from England in 1989, I have become accustomed to chirpy midsummer calls setting up visits in the fall.
  5. "I hope you don't mind, the plan keeps changing all the time, " said Rebecca Chaiklin, one of the film's producers, between cell phone calls setting up interviews.
  6. It's difficult to find call settings in a sentence.
  7. Tuesday Jamil Yousuf, who heads the citizens-police liaison committee that was involved in the investigation, said Pearl had been in his office when the reporter received a telephone call setting a meeting for 7 p . m.
  8. For logged-in users, that's mostly fine, because the script does an API call setting the  disable VE preference, which means VE will be disabled for real on all subsequent page views, just not the first one.
  9. Thanks to Jane Mayer of The New Yorker, we now know how the Fox call setting off this avalanche was engineered in part by John Ellis, a Bush first cousin in charge of the we-report-you-decide network's prediction desk.

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