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  1. After these steps the Circuit Switch voice call session still exists.
  2. The dashboard function allows moderators to mute or remove callers individually from call sessions in realtime.
  3. By his early 20's, Sean was in demand as a first call session player.
  4. Starting as a first call session player, he quickly became an in-house arranger, composer & programmer.
  5. By the beginning of the 1970s, Rainey had firmly established his place as one of New York City's first call session bass guitarists.
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  7. It uses the Session Description Protocol ( SDP ) for specifying and negotiating the media streams to be transmitted in a call session and the Real-time Transport Protocol ( RTP ) for framing the media streams.
  8. After this, Saraceno won an audition with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, former members of Plaid " and " Hairpick " ) as well as furthering his reputation as a top call session guitarist and landing many high-profile equipment endorsements.
  9. "' Theodore Malcolm " Ted " Nash "'( October 31, 1922-May 12, 2011 ) was a noted jazz and studio musician who played saxophone, flute and clarinet and was a first-call session musician in the Hollywood recording studios for many years.
  10. Kessel was a " first call " guitarist at Columbia Pictures during the 1960s, and became one of the most in-demand session guitarists in America, and is considered a key member of the group of first-call session musicians now usually known as Here Comes the Bride ", provided by the jazz combo that featured in the story.

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