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  1. *Leaky Bucket gapping creates a queue into which new call attempts are placed.
  2. Call attempts are counted on the phone company's digital network.
  3. Angry about what they they call attempts to " gut"
  4. Such calls are classified as failed call attempts.
  5. It is assumed that call attempts arrive following a Poisson process, so call arrival instants are independent.
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  7. In telecommunications a call attempt invokes a call setup procedure, which, if successful, results in a connected call.
  8. The renewed fighting prompted the resistance commander, Gen . Nhek Bunchhay, to call attempts to hold cease-fire talks meaningless.
  9. The phone company reported more than 27 million phone call attempts had been made, peaking at 120, 000 a minute.
  10. Media organizations in many former Soviet republics have faced tax probes and legal troubles in recent years that journalists call attempts to stifle dissent.
  11. Using statistical models based on Neural Networks to represent the potential outcomes of an outbound call attempt, companies can meet and exceed these regulations.
  12. Cambodian government troops renewed attacks Friday on resistance forces near the Thai border, prompting the resistance commander to call attempts to hold cease-fire talks meaningless.
  13. It is also possible for a mobile to implicitly register, where the TSC will update its registration records when the mobile makes a call attempt.
  14. Each call attempt has an origination end and a termination end, both to the multi-span call as well as for each span within that multi-span call routing.
  15. R2 register signalling is a family of protocols that govern the conveyance of addressing information during the addressing phase and how the call attempt turned out during the disposition phase.
  16. "In the first five minutes after midnight, we saw 1.2 million call attempts, and all but one went through on the first attempt, " said AT & T spokesman Mike Granieri.
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