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  1. Officers responded to a call at the Black Muslim mosque in Harlem.
  2. Getting a call at the end of the summer is tough challenge,
  3. Everybody in the state makes one of these calls at some point.
  4. The news hit Monique Sherri Nichols like a phone call at midnight.
  5. Weeks later he got a call at work from his new wife.
  6. It's difficult to find call at in a sentence.
  7. One day I received a phone call at work from my wife.
  8. But the story of the day was the call at first base.
  9. She got my call at 3 a . m . German time.
  10. Jose Panameno got the call at the Westside deli where he works.
  11. Pocket pagers will be improved to accept a hundred calls at once.
  12. Ozdogan said by cellphone during a sales call at a Philadelphia supermarket.
  13. The executive board will convene by telephone conference call at noon Thursday.
  14. His alleged crime : taking telephone calls at home from customers.
  15. But sometimes they make those calls at the wrong damn time.
  16. The line has 3 stations : Oxford could call at Reading.
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