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  1. For example, if a ship makes an authorised call at a port, but stays on to trade or break bulk, this action may amount to a deviation.
  2. He gave the example of how a Japanese liner will call at a port in this region, unload some of its cargo, and then head off to either Europe or the US.
  3. The statement also said a direct call at a port in the Shenzhen area in China is under study as well, but is subject to approval by the appropriate authorities before the commencing of any liner business.
  4. In 1999, European Union legislation outlawed the sale of duty-free goods on ferry cruises within the EU, but 舕and's tax privileges provide a legal exemption for ships that call at a port in 舕and.
  5. "It's not a case that an owner is trying to avoid anything, but if it's picking up fuel, oil in Russia in this case, then it's not going to call at a port in Europe on the way through, " the spokesman said on condition of anonymity.
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