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  1. Copyright was a by-product of the renaissance .
  2. They're the by-product of an acquisitive society, refuse, that's all .
  3. There's just a child that has to be born, the by-product of good nights in milan .
  4. Useful drugs are made from inorganic substances or are plant and animal by-product .
  5. In a sense, output from leys in the form of milk and meat is a by-product of tillage farming .
  6. It's difficult to find by-product in a sentence.
  7. The only way to pay for the owens valley aqueduct was to sell not only the water, but also the valuable by-product electric power .
  8. The production of plasterboard and plaster from by-product gypsum in 1964 in the united kingdom represented 14% and 3% of the total production .

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