by the aid of in a sentence

"by the aid of" in Chinese  
  1. Only Elric's ship escapes, propelled by the aid of his sorcery.
  2. The physicist forms a conceptual model of the universe by the aid of corpuscles.
  3. By the aid of these appliances he instructed Davy in the rudiments of science.
  4. He crafted his message on canvas by the aid of powerful symbols and rich colours.
  5. Toxic metals may be made insoluble or collected, possibly by the aid of chelating agents.
  6. It's difficult to find by the aid of in a sentence.
  7. By the aid of reinforced concrete and wooden moulds, he fabricated tiled and decorative blocks of every description.
  8. The bills ( " leges Appuleiae " ) were finally passed by the aid of the Marian veterans.
  9. He escaped the St . Bartholomew's Day Massacre by the aid of a Catholic friend, taking refuge in England.
  10. By the aid of a Florentine spy, Nogaret gathered a band of adventurers and of enemies of the Apennines.
  11. Representative samples of the most atypical part of the nevus should be biopsy, often by the aid of dermatoscopy.
  12. The attack was beaten off by the aid of Hafiz Rahmat Khan and matters once more settled down peacefully.
  13. He is revived by the aid of Erica Burgoyne ( Nova Pilbeam ), daughter of the local police Chief Constable.
  14. Keeping track of the submarines was made easier by the aid of SOSUS acoustic listening devices on the sea bed.
  15. With the haze having lifted by the following morning, the ship became visible from Denham by the aid of glasses.
  16. In 1848, she opened her first school for girls in Helsingborg by the aid of Peter Wieselgren, vicar in H鋖singborg.
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