by the action of in a sentence

"by the action of" in Chinese  
  1. Still, one chief executive is often impelled by the actions of another.
  2. This was converted to the oxide by the action of an alkali.
  3. He seemed to be equally repulsed by the actions of both parties.
  4. Some boys also suffered alleged sexual abuse by the actions of women.
  5. This trackage was saved by the actions of the communities it serves.
  6. It's difficult to find by the action of in a sentence.
  7. It is produced by the action of champagne on a black coat.
  8. Were disseminated by the action of the Portuguese colonizers smugglers and pirates.
  9. "Friendship cannot be destroyed by the actions of extremists, " he said.
  10. He still is confused by the actions of Blazers president Bob Whitsitt.
  11. Natural resources in the world are affected by the actions of players.
  12. Some were subsequently destroyed by the action of rivers or ice age glaciers.
  13. :: : : Judging me by the actions of others is not reasonable.
  14. For example, the highly toxic methylmercury is produced by the action of methylcobalamin.
  15. Settlement of the estate was complicated by the actions of Folsom.
  16. The flavor and aroma of Budu are produced by the action of halophilic.
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