by that token in a sentence

"by that token" in Chinese  
  1. By that token, individual officers should have been docked pay when murder rates were soaring.
  2. By that token, even the Dec . 18 date for the meeting of electors may not be critical.
  3. It took some time for her to understand that she is a ghost, and by that token, dead.
  4. By that token, the government has a right to know who owns every bicycle and every pair of in-line skates _ they're used on public roadways too.
  5. Yet liberties must lose their virtue as they curtail the liberties of others; and routine gun-carrying, by that token, is a freedom whose price is simply too high.
  6. It's difficult to find by that token in a sentence.
  7. By that token, you're better off leaving it fairly thick such that you may need to wait for it to pour and then adding some water to get more of the dregs.
  8. The only way I could have been that editor is by getting somebody from another household to make edits on my behalf; by that token I can be accused of being any IP vandal on Wikipedia.
  9. But by that token, even a mdeical student with-$ 200, 000 to their name after college + med school is not in debt, as their net present value includes their future salary.
  10. By that token, Marans said, " the most difficult show to get a feel for is ` American Dreams, "'which is centered on a middle-class family in 1960s Philadelphia.
  11. By that token, Agent Pistone of the FBI serves double duty in " Donnie Brasco " : as a make-believe mobster and as a Fed whose testimony brings down numerous organized-crime figures.
  12. :: : : : By that token, any living creature can be connected to any other living creature with only two degrees of separation, via the universal common ancestor . . . SamSim 19 : 52, 19 April 2007 ( UTC)
  13. The mass density of a white dwarf which consists of atoms packed as closely as they can be packed is around 10 6 times that of a star, so perhaps one can say that the sun is around 99.9999 % empty space by that token.
  14. There is no justification for the vague notion of " corporate depth " either-because by that token-hundreds of pages of vendors in this and other categories would require deletion .-12 : 27, 10 October 2016 ( UTC )  Preceding talk ).
  15. Peter Bradshaw of " The Guardian ", compared the film to the previously mentioned, saying that " It ( self-evidently ) does not have the humour of those movies by Yorgos Lanthimos and Athina Rachel Tsangari and by that token, less of their richness and inventiveness.

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