by that time in a sentence

"by that time" in Chinese  
  1. And by that time it's just about rush hour.
  2. Officials said they had already begun the investigation by that time.
  3. By that time the outcome of virtually all strikes is known.
  4. By that time, most of the miles would have expired.
  5. By that time, McCoy had already rushed for 253 yards.
  6. It's difficult to find by that time in a sentence.
  7. By that time, the Yanks had scored all their runs.
  8. By that time, I'll almost certainly have grandchildren.
  9. Other retail stocks already were rallying by that time, however.
  10. By that time, you are beyond making them do anything.
  11. Of course, by that time Dallas had lapped the Eagles.
  12. Bombardier say whether it will make a bid by that time.
  13. By that time, Doc will have probably two more starts,
  14. And by that time, they can appear full-sized.
  15. By that time, teams already had spent all their money.
  16. By that time, the Celtics led, 62-44.
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