by that means in a sentence

"by that means" in Chinese  
  1. By that means the company would sue in its own name for the wrong done to it.
  2. If my edits are so subject to obscurity by that means, my enthusiasm to help could be diminished.
  3. By that means, the money does not enter your hands and thus the taxes and penalties are not triggered.
  4. By that means, former Salzburg trolleybuses later entered service on the since closed Timioara ) and Russia ( Perm and Rybinsk ).
  5. Behring was the discoverer of diphtheria antitoxin in 1890 and attained a great reputation by that means and by his contributions to the study of immunity.
  6. It's difficult to find by that means in a sentence.
  7. His body is so full of wine that there is no place for the water to enter him, and by that means he survives under the sea.
  8. Whilst radicals such as Jewish neighbourhood of Amsterdam in 1897, Hermans stated he was prepared to run for office in local elections to change society by that means.
  9. They then achieved a long awaited first ever penalty shootout victory over Sweden having lost by that means at the previous three Euros and also at the 1998 World Cup.
  10. The palace was built directly fronting the sea, so as to allow its occupant to escape by that means if necessary ( in an era plagued by civil wars ).
  11. On 18 January 1586 Morgan wrote that Poley " is placed with the Lady Sidney, the daughter of Secretary Walsingham, & by that means ordinarily in his house ".
  12. When a modern road to the south was built in the 1930s, transits from Lybster were considerably shorter and quicker by that means, and the railway closed completely in 1944.
  13. Defined by in the archaeology text " Linking to the Past " ( Feder ), " One can speak of the artifact assemblage for a particular site and by that mean all the artifacts.
  14. Plants are able to excrete H + into the soil and by that means, change the pH of the soil near the root and push cations off the colloids, thus making those available to the plant.
  15. He was a very asthmatic child and consequently missed a lot of school, so the milkman gave his mother a 9.5mm projector to keep him amused, and by that means he started watching films.
  16. But he added : " So far as we are concerned, there does have to be a start made ( in decommissioning weapons ) because only by that means can we see the necessary confidence ."
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